Fakultas Teknologi Informasi

The Importance of Perceived Organizational Support and Work From Home to increase Work-Life Balance During The Covid-19 Pandemic

This research’s purpose is to determine the impact of perceived organizational support<br /> and work from home on the work-life balance of employees during the COVID-19 <br /> pandemic. The research method used was the survey method. It took 30 respondents<br /> as samples from Gramedia TSM... Selengkapnya

Performance Evaluation of Digital Transmission with Matlab on Eye Pattern Parameter

Abstract. The effect of digital transmission impairments is seen from a diagram called an eye <br /> pattern. Measurements of the device can be represented in a simulation. Our motivation in <br /> conducting this simulation aims to dig deeper into the variation of parameter changes that exist... Selengkapnya

Generation of Rectangular Matrix Key for Hill Cipher Algorithm Using Playfair Cipher

Hill cipher is a cryptographic algorithm that uses matrix as a key by utilizing modulo operations. The key matrix used is usually made randomly as a square matrix. In this study, a key matrix was created using the Playfair Cipher algorithm as a rectangular matrix. The use of the Playfair Cipher... Selengkapnya


Today in Indonesia there are still many orphanages which have many financial, facilities, and affection limitations considering the orphanage is a place where children are abandoned by their parents. This research proposes implementation the "ePanti" web-based orphanage information system as a... Selengkapnya

Implementation Of Text Mining Model To Emotions Detection On Social Media Comments Using Particle Swarm Optimization And Naive Bayes Classifier

Emotion is defined as human beings’ psychological state in which it is also used to establish a relationship and convey messages between the author and the readers. The lifestyle that has been heavily influenced by social media makes the delivery of information and ideas becoming unrestricted.... Selengkapnya

Improving Hierarchical Decision Approach for Single Image Classification of Pap Smear

The single image classification of Pap smears is an important part of theearly detection of cervical cancer through Pap smear tests. Unfortunately, most classification processes still require accuracy enhancement, especially to complete the classification in ... Selengkapnya

Classification of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Domains with PSO and NBC

Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM) is a field of research that has a characteristic in each document. These characteristics are different from most documents that are used<br /> as a corpus in mining text research. Documents derived from Newswire are more dominant in previous research.... Selengkapnya


Delay and dropout are important parameters influence overall control performance in Networked Control System (NCS). The goal of this research is to find a model of delay and dropout of data communication link in the NCS. Experiments have been done in this research to a water level control of boiler... Selengkapnya

Performance Analysis of HSPA Technology for Networked Control System Application

Delay and dropout are important parameters in Networked Control System (NCS). They influence to overall control system performance. The characteristic of delay and dropout that occur in the network should be considered on NCS implementation. Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology is advantage... Selengkapnya

Analisa Pengaturan Channel untuk Perbaikan Performansi Pengirimsan SMS

The purpose of this study is to identify channel management techniques for SMS message transmission that can overcome transmission failures caused by high traffic volumes within a voice service in a CDMA network. With the improved management of the SMS channel the desired goal is for a better... Selengkapnya